Three cost effective marketing solutions for the self storage industry

Three cost effective marketing solutions for the self storage industry

Many of us have a counterintuitive response to a sluggish business climate, that is, to reduce marketing efforts. As the number of business opportunities shrinks, we reduce careless efforts to capture our share of these opportunities. In an environment when EVERY phone calls, Internet management and incoming prospects count, we limit the chance that we must increase valuable customer contacts.

Instinkt can tell you to cut down on expenses but our business minds shout Go for it! when it comes to reaching out for more customers. Challenging economic times require a smarter marketing effort, not a wholesale drop in these efforts. Simple maths suggest increasing your marketing efforts: fewer customers, fewer marketing efforts from your competitors x Increased marketing efforts by you more business for you. Let your competitors throw in the white towel while youre storming up fast with smarter and more professional marketing efforts.

A challenging economic climate involves implementing smarter marketing efforts. Here are three safe ways to increase your occupancy during economic downturns.

  1. Smarter marketing efforts. Take the challenging economic times as an opportunity to review your current marketing efforts and look at smarter and more effective marketing tools. The definition of mental illness does the same thing over and over and expects another result. Ineffective marketing should not be an excuse to stop marketing altogether. Instead of waiting for people to search for storage, try these proactive solutions.

one. Could email campaign. It can not be more cost effective marketing than an email campaign. Start with your own mailing list current, past and potential customers and create an interactive, informative and fun etemplate that will keep you in touch with your customer base month by month. Do not want to create a campaign? Use a subscription service. Again, research conducted by Self Storage 101 showed that it is much cheaper than instant messaging direct campaigns and can easily be achieved every month in 1/10 of the time. In addition, most internal campaigns die a slow death due to distractions, so contracting with an external company is certainly the wise solution.

b. Cold Call Email Campaign. For as low as 2 cents where you can buy email addresses based on geography and other demographic information. Combine these emails with a subscription service and send thousands of promotional messages to much less than the old days of licking stamps and send out brochures.

c. Product packaging. Stop giving up for FREE renting a highly trained sales person does not need to rely on discounting to the spacecraft but instead offers product packages. For example, offer a free lock or a free transfer kit small, medium sized and large box and a bite. The perceived value is high but the cost is low. To give away free rent sets a precedent that is difficult to overcome.

2 Head of education. There are few, more efficient uses for market resources than to make sure your managers are welleducated. Selfpreservation managers should always be professional, wellbehaved, friendly and customer service oriented, but these qualities are even more critical to success in a sluggish business climate. Most selfpreservation managers want to be very successful, but many have never got the tools needed to succeed at a higher and more professional level. Research on Self Storage 101 discovered that 85% of the time, an inexperienced manager will give out the prices well before the establishment of any type of telephone report or before there is caller comfort.

one. Telemarketing. Most selfcatering rentals still start with a phone call, but unfortunately no managers can know how to perform efficient and professional telephone sales. And with fewer phone calls happening every day, an effective sales presentation is critical. We know that over 90% of people calling for selfstorage will rent storage from someone. If you get phone calls and these prospects do not rent you, you have to ask yourself why? There are high quality resources, highpower training and adding these resources to your market budget is a smart investment.

b. Delinquency & Collections Management. Many selfstorage operators have seen their accrued accounts increase. In a challenging economy, this is not very surprising, but the managers who use professional collection techniques can outweigh competitors who do not have such tools. Most selfpreservation managers have never received any training in effective collective practices and with the high quality of education resources available in the industry.

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